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Newsletters 101 - 125

Friends of Malvern Springs and Wells promote research, conservation and celebration of the Springs, Spouts, Fountains and Holy Wells of the Malvern Hills and of Great Malvern as a Spa Town. This provides a vehicle for our international friendship with Malverns Worldwide. Our occasional newsletters are archived on line - click the relevant booklet below to go to a specific newsletter. This service is provided in recognition of the value of the newsletters as a research and general information tool. The copyright of all material remains with the originators and any use made of the information contained therein should be acknowledged by source, authors and date.
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NEWSLETTER 115 dated August 2023
Malvern's grey pole and Jenny Lind, Walks around the Malvern Hills, Disastrous fire in Malvern Iowa, visitors from Malvern Victoria to Great Malvern U.K.,.etc. 

NEWSLETTER 114 dated May 2023
John Corbet in Malvern, Well Decorating in the Malvern Hills 2023, the Holy Well in Malvern Wells, Malvern's last Donkey Shed, etc. 
NEWSLETTER 113 dated March 2023
News from Malvern Pennsylvania, Malvern South Africa, from Scotland to Malvern, From Malvern to Johannesburg, Memorially Speaking - John Corbet, other famous names around Malvern and their memorials, Well, Well, Well, history in the Bible, Jenny Lind's statue in Great Malvern.  
NEWSLETTER 112 dated January 2023 
The Eye Well updated; Owls Hole Pump and Engine; News from Malvern, Iowa; Bottling Malvern Water; South Worcestershire Development Plan; Malvern Library; Malvern Gazette 100 years ago.  

NEWSLETTER 111 dated October 2022 
Legend of a Holy Well, what does this have to do with Malvern? Drinking Fountains, life's essentials; past accounts of touring Malverns Worldwide; recycling and well decorating; Malvern, Stonnington Historical Society Australia.  
NEWSLETTER 110 dated July 2022.   
Hillside collapsed cistern, Wite's Spring, Barnards Green Trough restoration, Malvern Celebrates Queen's Silver Jubilee, Clos Malverne in South Africa, Malvern Water Towers, The Overflows.
NEWSLETTER 109 dated May 2022.   
Drunk on Water, Malverns Worldwide Water Towers NEW DATABASE , Malvern Iowa Unicorn Inn, Wells Decorating 2022, Founders Award, other events that weekend, including guided walks and bluebells.
NEWSLETTER 108 dated March 2022. 
News from Malvern Barbados. Greetings from Malvern Iowa. Latest news from Malvern Iowa, Malverns with Natural Springs and National Park designation. Malvern Hot Springs Arkansas. Droitwich New Brine Baths update. Great Malvern back with a Bang (after Covid).
NEWSLETTER 107 dated January 2022.  HAPPY NEW YEAR
Foley Fountain plaque, St John 4, 14-15, Ellerslie Fountain, Friends in Australia, Mulberry Tree cuttings exchange and Priory Park tree, new Droitwich Brine Baths for 2028?

NEWSLETTER 106 dated November 2021.  
Malvern water limericks, water and the fragility of life, historic Nottington Spa, Malvern Melbourne and Typhoid, join us on FACEBOOK, street art in Malverns UK and Victoria Australia, annual commemoration of American Revolutionary War Malvern Chester County USA. Mulberry Trees in Malverns Victoria and England, Foley Fountain unveiling in Great Malvern, Wishing Wells in Europe and Upwey Dorset and instructions for donations.

NEWSLETTER 105 dated September 2021. 
Malvern Hills National Park update, three limericks, Malvern Iowa Library in lock-down with Rebecca and Beverley, Art Gallery Malvern Iowa, new use for Tank House Colwall, Quatt Malvern fountain and snow.  
NEWSLETTER 104 dated July 2021. 
Malvern Walking Festival, Midsummer Malvern: Florence Nightingale Walk, Limericks of Malvern, George Wallett bottled water, Soda Water bottles, Zoooooom Time, Malvern Illinois on a plate.  
NEWSLETTER 103 dated May 2021. 
Malvina and Elgar Fountains, Burrows Mystery Great Malvern, Horse paintings and building development in Malvern Iowa, Malvern Hills National Park proposal update, Bromyard railways and racecourse and the National Park, dangers in the Malvern Hills, Swan Pool Malvern.  
NEWSLETTER 102 dated March 2021.    
Barnards Green Fountain, William Fitz Osbern and founding Malvern revisited, Take it or Leave it at the Malverns including Barbados, Malvern Iowa Sesquicentennials celebrations quilts, March on the Malvern Hills, Malvhina Fountain Great Malvern. 
NEWSLETTER 101 dated January 2021.    
Link Stone Fountain and Priory Park, New National Parks to be announced, Malvern 150th Birthday, Malvern Iowa and Malvern Pennsylvania pictures, Malverns Worldwide celebrate on Zoom, Malverns Gushing Springs, Malvern Hills National Park Update, New Forest Video, Malvern hero William FitzOsbern died 950 years ago. 

NEWSLETTER 100 dated November 2020.     
100th Newsletter, Bottling Works Spring, our first ever Newsletter, The Grange in Great Malvern, Holy Well flow, Circumnavigation for Malvern Appreciation Day, National Park proposal, Malvern in Iowa, Malvern in Victoria, Foley Fountain, 1956 letter, mailing list, Malverns on Facebook. 


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