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Malvern Springs and Wells DISCOVERY TRAIL PART 2 - Around Malvern Town

SITE AND SPLASH INDEX - Sites 89 - 130


92.  Piers Well

93.  Malvernbury Spring

94.  Wilson Memorial Fountain

95.  Ward-Jackson's Trough

96.  Grindrod's Fountain

97.  Chalybeate Spring

98.  Swan Pool

99.  Library Fountain

100.  The Myrtles Spring

103.  Lyttelton Well

104.  Coach House Spout

105.  Jacob Memorial Fountain

106.  Priory Park Spring

107.  The Dumpling Fountain

108.  The Establishment Fountain

109.  Chatsworth Pool

110.  Agnes Well and the Hay Well Baths

          130.  Waifs and Strays

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Celebrated Springs of 


A definitive work that is the culmination of 20 years researching the springs and wells of the Malvern Hills, published by Phillimore. This is the ideal explorers guide enabling the reader to discover the location and often the astounding and long forgotten history of over 130 celebrated springs and wells sites around the Malvern Hills. The book is hard back with dust cover, large quarto size with lavish illustrations and extended text. Celebrated Springs contains about 200 illustrations and well researched text over a similar number of pages, together with seven area maps to guide the explorer to the locations around the Malvern Hills. It also includes details on the long history of bottling water in the Malvern Hills.

Written by Bruce Osborne and Cora Weaver, this book is available on-line for £15.00 (delivered UK) - click Malvern Bookshop on the green panel top left. Alternatively send a cheque payable to Cora Weaver with your name and address to 4 Hall Green, Malvern, Worcs. WR14 3QX.

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